October 14, 2021

Parent Guideline

A Suggested Parent Guideline for an Intentional Balance of Participation Between the Teacher, Child, and Parent. Creating an Ideal Setting for Fun, Creativity, and Learning for Your Child’s Online or In Studio Personalized Piano Lesson.

Children love music.  When piano lessons are introduced at a young age, a lifetime of joy and creativity can be explored and experienced to help develop skills that will be transferred throughout many aspects of their life.  At Mayville’s Piano Studio, we will personalize your child’s piano lesson to your child’s age, always encourage a creative “hands on” approach to learning the piano in a fun and educational environment.

Mayville’s Piano Studio has found that with an intentional balance of teacher, child and/or youth and parent interaction, we can create an atmosphere of fun, creativity, and learning that will ultimately enhance and develop concentration, musical success and confidence with the eager and curious child.

Mayville’s Piano Studio recognizes the valued participation of a parent to their child’s online or in studio piano lesson. With this in mind, below is a suggested parent guideline that may be helpful to create this delicate balance between teacher, child and parent, for the ultimate success of your child’s musical development.

Occasionally, parents will sit in on an in studio or online piano lesson.  We at Mayville’s Piano Studio will encourage this from time to time.  Please keep in mind however,  when a question is asked of your child, please give your child time to respond.  We try to be very patient and understand that sometimes it takes a little longer than we would like before your child responds with an answer that seems clear to us as adults, but please…

Be Patient!

Most dialogue should be between the teacher and the student, however, from time to time we will look for your feedback.  For the most part however, we would rather the interaction be between your child and the teacher. Lessons work best if your child can respond for themselves, so please…

Be a Quiet Observer!

Please be at the studio or online lesson about five minutes prior to lesson time.  This will allow us to start the lesson on time and make the most of the piano lesson time, so please…

Be Prompt!

To have the benefit of the entire lesson and allow your teacher to give their undivided attention to teaching your child, as well as to keep the schedule running on time and smoothly, we ask that you pay prior to the 1st lesson of each month, so please…

Be Courteous!

Always remember that your son or daughter is setting out on a new adventure which will require discipline, concentration and independence.  Yes, music is fun, it is certainly hard work too, so please…

Be Proud!!!

We cannot tell you how many students over the years have let us in on the fact that mom and dad do not have time to listen to their child’s well rehearsed song.  (Funny flipside to this is that we have also had adults tell us they wanted to play piano for their grown children and were told “That’s OK, can I hear you another time?”)  Parents, when your child is proud and wants to show you their accomplishments, we ask that you set aside what you are doing, even just for a few minutes a day, and enjoy their prepared music, so please…

Be a Listener! 

Be Supportive!

Be an Encourager!

Mayville’s Piano Studio is committed to your musical success!!!

Be Assured!