September 21, 2021

Why Mayvilles

Why Choose Mayville’s Piano Studio for a Personalized Online or In Studio Approach for Piano Lessons for an Adult, Child or Youth?

If you are interested in learning to play the piano for fun and enjoyment or for a new skillset and musical development, we believe that Mayville’s Piano Studio is the place to learn, with its online, in studio, or unique combination of online/in studio individualized lessons plans.

Music is beneficial to our development, emotional well being and social experiences, as well as a powerful tool that can be used for learning, pleasure, creativity, healing, therapy, relaxation, the list goes on and on.  We are confident that the adult, youth, or child will benefit from learning with an experienced a teacher, having 30+ years of experience teaching and performing both in solo and group performances, with adults and children alike.

Mayville’s Piano Studio is proud to offer individualized piano lessons for the adult, child, and youth.  We realize the value of the individualized piano lesson, as no two persons will come to a piano lesson from the same background, skillset, expectation and needs.   That is why we believe it is important to tailor each lesson to the student’s past musical experiences, natural abilities, age, expectation, motivation, and resources of both time and finances.  Students can differ in the following ways:

  • Some students come to piano lessons with many years of piano study. Students may resume piano lessons having in the past reached various grades of piano study, and now want to take up piano where they left off, certainly the recall of past studies will differ from student to student.  On the other hand, other students may not have previous piano experience and want to begin piano lessons for the first time.
  • Students that want to learn to play the piano or enhance a musical skill can be of any age
  • Weekly practice times can vary from one student to the next student due to personal commitments, expectation, skillset, and motivation
  • Some students want to focus on classical, pop, or religious music studies
  • Some piano students want to learn to chord, while others want to learn to read music
  • Students enroll to enhance their technique for future school studies.
  • Some students want to commit much of their study to rhythm or focus mainly on theory, while others wish to develop ear training and sight-reading skills.
  • Some students prefer learning piano online, in studio, and others prefer a combination of both online and in studio lessons
  • Some piano students want weekly half hour lessons, while others want 45, 60 or even 90-minute lessons based on musical expectations

Now, having an idea of the vast musical learning opportunities, varied personal situations and varied approaches, imagine the benefit of a tailored personalized lesson with individual choice of online, in studio, or a combination of learning experience with a teacher of over 30+ years of experience.  Mayville’s Piano Studio is very proud to offer this personalized approach, with a personalized weekly lesson plan to the eager musical student, ensuring musical success!